Chris and Gage

Meet Chris and Gage, they have been matched since April 19 th , 2007…yes, you read that right, they have
been matched for 11 YEARS! Chris and Gage have always enjoyed going to sporting events, theme parks,
swimming, watching movies, trying out new restaurants around Springfield, going to the lake and riding
four-wheelers. In 2017, Gage decided that he wanted to become a Big himself in our High School
Mentoring program. He has seen both sides of mentoring which has been amazing to witness. Chris has
always been someone that has encouraged Gage to look into potential colleges and jobs to get him
thinking about his future. Gage has told us that he is in the top 10% of his class with a 4.9 weighted GPA
and he says that Chris was a factor of that. When asked, Gage said “With this paring of Chris and I, this is
without a doubt an experience I cannot and will not forget the rest of my life”.

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